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3000 VISITS!!! :-)
I sincerely thank all of you who spent some precious instants
of your own life to gaze my mental pyrotechnical bursts!
(...I dared expressing myself this way in Italian, too!!! :-)

...oh yeah, this wonderful biped specimen you're admiring here is the result of twentyone laborous years of the Rodolico family. The photo is what it is, but it's the only one I have digitized so far, so lump it and don't moan. With a little bit of imagination, I'm sure you will all be able to recognize me in the street, bearing in mind, obviously, that the flash was just a wee bit overpowered...

You may now take a look to my silly little Sherlock Homes service

I don't want to sicken you with the story of my life... Let's ZIP all of it: born 16/8/74, Asti, Italian, Brown&Brown, unmarried, single, 1m76cm, 65Kg.

Let's deepen the peecees matter... This is my realm (updated - finally - in May):

The PCciotto (home made)
Motherboard Intel Zappa - Pentium 100
40Mb RAM - 256k cache
Adaptec AHA 2920 SCSI-2 Controller
HD EIDE 1.2Gb Conner
SoundBlaster AWE32
CDROM Sony 4x
NIC NE2000 compatible
SAMSUNG SyncMaster 17GLsi Monitor
The PCcino (Compaq home made)
Model: Compaq Contura Aero 4/25
Motherboard 486SX-25 Intel
HD 170Mb
VGA ET4000
Video 9" LCD Mono
Funky notes:
UART 16550A & EPP out of the box

The Interview

Good afternoon, Mr. Rodolico
What? Ah, yes, just a moment...
Eh, I see you're always very busy. What's your aim, now?
Bah, shitty... I'm foolishly fiddling with Linux in the closet, I found Punti who keeps on breaking to enter chat... Excuse me a moment, will you?
Of course! You sure express yourself rather crypticaly...
Oh, sorry, you're right, but since I belong to OASI Association, I have become rather inclined to heavy technical jargon. In the meantime, do you mind giving me that intellectual tool you're sitting on? I apologize for the mess, but here it's always like this... even worse...
Here it is your magazine... Let's come back to us: who is Andrea Rodolico?
ME, look at that picture over there!
I understood, thank you, but I meant... Please, tell us something about you...
Ah... As once a friend of mine said, my name is Andrea, brown eyes, don't watch television and sometimes eat at the Chinese restaurant.
Beh, you are really an all-round person...
Donteventrytojokewithme, eh!
No, I was enjoying your aphorismatic way of speaking... What do you do in life?
Theoretically I should study, being a student at the Politecnico of Turin, but I enjoy playing with everything smells remotely of information technology. I work freelance, but above all I devote most of my time to activities related with the Association and, as you can see, the Internet.
Eh, these informaticians... and what about your relationship with the other se...
Ballbreaking... It's sure you reporters have a one track mind... Gimme a girl and I shall resolve the doubts that are buzzing in your brain about sexual activity of computer lovers, once and for all.


Ok, we reached the end... Where shall we go now?

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