Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. The background should have been a cat grabbed from Gianni Cerrato's Mac, but unfortunately it's been erased during a Fall cleaning. That's why now you get this wonderful piece of contemporary art, made on the fly by the owner of this page; after all, why do you care? Be careful to the contents, not to the artistical refinings, and simply know that you just got to the home page of...

.... alias Lorenzo Monticone, twenty-two years old, secretary and founder of Associazione OASI but also architecture student and amateur interested in several fields, among which a place of honour is to be reserved to "cazzeggio"...
If you want to go deeper about this interesting subject, have a look to Cazzeggio Home Page, still "scaffholded" by the moment. National and international experts can collaborate

What else? If you want to examine closely the theme "Lorenzo Monticone" i.e. for a school research (AH! AH!), you can visit the dedicated section. If, on the contrary, you prefer an overview about my contributions to the web, well... just acceed

....the first dinnerware service in the world!!!

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